Guest House Orłowo – Rules and regulations

Welcome in Guest House Orłowo. Our management will highly appreciate your collaboration in abiding by these rules and regulations, whose aim is to ensure peaceful and safe stay for our Guests.

§ 1

Hotel rooms are rented for hotel days.
A hotel day starts at 1:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 am of the following day. 
If the Guest does not specify the length of stay by renting a room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.
After checking in, the Guest should familiarize himself with the room equipment and keep it intact, in the event of noticing the damage, the Guest should immediately notify the reception staff. In the absence of information and errors found by the hotel staff, the guest will be held liable for the damage caused. The guest is liable for damage to the property of the object caused by himself, persons for whom he is responsible and persons visiting him.
The guest is obliged to pay the cost of his stay and all ordered or used services and goods at the latest at the time of checking out of the hotel. In the event of non-payment of all receivables related to the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to charge the Guest for all services and goods carried out for him. The entire facility is non-smoking. A PLN 300 fee will be charged for non-compliance.

§ 2

A wish to extend the stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the guest should report at the reception or by phone at 10:00 on the day of the rental deadline. We will take into account the wish to extend your stay as far as possible. If you want to shorten your stay, the information must be reported to the reception before 11:00, otherwise the next hotel day is considered to have begun.
If the Guest does not leave the room after the end of the hotel day, the Service Provider reserves the right to commission the guest’s belongings by at least two employees, one of which must be the owner or the Manager of the facility. Items packed in such a way will be in the hotel deposit and will be available to pickup at the reception.

§ 3

The guest cannot transfer the room to other people, even if the period for which he paid the fee for the stay has not expired.
Persons not registered in the room can stay in the building until 22:00 after informing the reception staff.

§ 4

The facility provides services in accordance with the established standard. In case of reservations regarding the quality of the services provided, the Guest is requested to report them to the reception staff, which will allow us to react immediately. The facility is required to provide:
safe stay, including the security of secrecy of information about the Guest;
professional and courteous service in the area of ​​all services provided in the hotel;
cleaning the room (during the stay on the third day started – it also includes the towels replacement) and performing the necessary repair of the equipment during the guest’s absence, and in his presence only if he wishes. Additional cleaning during the stay is associated with a cost of PLN 25 per room / night and is made at the sole request of the guest.

§ 5

On request, the hotel provides additional services, included in the hotel guide.

§ 6

The object is liable for loss or damage of items brought by people using the services to the extent specified in the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.
Valuable items, money and documents should be stored in a closed safe deposit at the reception. In the case of leaving valuable items outside the safe, the Hotel does not bear any responsibility for them.
The guest should notify the reception staff about the occurrence of the damage immediately after its finding.

§ 7

The facility requires keeping quiet at night from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. The behaviour of guests and people using the services of the hotel should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other guests. An object may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule.

§ 8

Each time you leave the hotel room, the Guest has the duty to duly protect him so that access to it by third parties would not be possible. During the Guest’s absence in the room, windows and doors must remain closed.

§ 9

n case of noticing a fire, it is necessary to notify the personnel about the danger as soon as possible and to go to the exit in accordance with the direction of the evacuation. Responsibility for the evacuation of the building, by the arrival of the fire brigade, shall be borne by the staff of the facility. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use in the hotel rooms devices that do not constitute room equipment.

§ 10

Objects left in rooms by departing guests, with their consent will be sent (at the expense of the recipient) to the address indicated. In the absence of such an instruction, the object will store these items for a period of 6 months. After this period, they will be transferred for social or public purposes.

§ 11

The facility reserves the right to charge a local fee in the amount compliant with the applicable regulations.

Booking rules Online

Booking Process

Booking through the reservation system is done in the following way:

  1. The customer receives the option to choose the offered packages and standard accommodation, which are presented in the booking panel.
  2. After reviewing the content and price of the Package, the Customer may choose the date of the selected room and additional options or the date of the stay package.
  3. After selecting the Offer, the Customer proceeds to the next step – the form in which he or she will fill in his personal data and his / her comments regarding the reservation.

After completing the data, the Customer can make a deposit via one of the following ways:

  • by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB, Diners Club, Polcard)
  • electronic payments by bank transfer (mTransfer, Pay with Inteligo, MultiTransfer, Przelew24) *
  • a standard bank transfer.

* Credit card and e-transfer transactions are processed via the Dotpay Settlement Center.

When selecting one of the first two options, the Customer is redirected to the page enabling the payment of the Down Payment or the full amount via the Dotpay Payment System. Data authorization is done by connecting to the Dotpay system using an encrypted 128 bit protocol. After accepting the payment by the Dotpay System, the Customer is automatically notified by e-mail about the payment confirmation and booking – E-mail will contain: customer data, hotel name, description of the offer, total price of the stay, the amount paid and possible amount to be paid at the hotel. The remaining amount for the purchased stay is paid by the Client in the Hotel. As a basis for payment of the deposit and the settlement of the remaining amount, an e-mail confirming the reservation must be presented at the reception.

If the customer chooses the third option (pay by bank transfer or pay later) – the customer receives an e-mail confirmation of the Pre-Booking, which will be confirmed after payment of deposit, which can be paid by a standard bank transfer or online system. The reservation is kept as Preliminary for 48 hours from the moment of booking and can be canceled if no advance payment is received during this time. After payment of the deposit, the Customer will receive an email confirming the reservation, which must be presented at the hotel reception in order to be fully settled.

Processing of personal data

Personal data will be processed in order to complete the booking process, to clarify the circumstances of a possible violation of the Regulations or applicable law, and to consider possible complaints.

According to art. 13 par. 1 and par. 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR), we would like to inform you that:

The administrator of personal data obtained during the booking process within the meaning of applicable provisions of commonly applicable law is Guest House Orłowo Karol Jędrzejczak ul. al. Zwycięstwa 228c Gdynia 81-540.

The entity that processes personal data is the online reservation system, which belongs to Roman Korczyński with its registered office in Jelenia Góra 58-570 ul. Młyńska 12A is referred to as

Personal data

  1.  For the needs of the booking process / issuing the sales document, the personal data of the Guest is collected. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to complete the booking process.
  2. The guest has the right to access their personal data, the right to rectify it, delete it, as well as the right to limit its processing.
  3. Optional consent of the Guest to the processing of data for marketing purposes requires the selection of the appropriate checkbox in the booking process. This consent can be withdrawn by sending an appropriate message on e-mail address:
  4. The specific purposes and scope of personal data processing in the Hotres system are specified in the attachment.

Administrator’s obligations

  1. The Administrator ensures that the personal data of the Guest are not made available to third parties and in this respect will take the necessary measures and ensure the use of their knowledge and experience to implement this assurance.
  2. The Administrator retains the right to disclose personal data to authorized entities (Subprocessors) and in cases provided for by generally applicable law. In particular, this applies to entities such as: systems performing online payments and reception software.
  3. The administrator is obliged to keep secret and confidential information obtained in order to complete the booking process. The undertaking undertaken shall remain in force indefinitely. liabilities

  1. as an entity processing personal data of the Guest, ensures the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures, as well as additional IT security measures, based on reliable servers and systems used to process personal data in services provided electronically.
  2. declares that IT systems used to process personal data meet the requirements of applicable law, in particular they are protected to a high degree within the meaning of the Ordinance of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and conditions technical and organizational requirements to be met by devices and information systems for the processing of personal data.
  3. Subcontractors and employees will be duly authorized to process personal data in connection with the implementation of the booking process, to which the Administrator and the Guest agree.
  4. In order to ensure the highest security in the storage of personal data compliant with the requirements of the RODO, is obliged to:
    1. encryption and anonymisation of personal data transmission,
    2. continuous assurance of confidentiality, integrity, availability and robustness of processing systems and services,
    3. the ability to quickly restore the accessibility and access to personal data in the event of a physical or technical incident,
    4. regularly testing, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of data processing.

Final Provisions

The administrator is entitled to change the provisions of the Regulations at any time and depending on his own decision. In particular, it may change the provisions of these Regulations in the case of:

  1. the necessity to adapt the Regulations to mandatory provisions or to changes in legal regulations affecting the content of the Regulations;
  2. the necessity to adapt the Regulations to a recommendation, interpretation, ruling, decision or decision of a public authority or a court decision that affects the content of the Regulations;
  3.  expanding or changing the functionality of;